Lesson In A Test…


Screaming laughter, violent joy and the uncontainable ability to remain dignified beyond the “vanishing point” of comprehension!

Yes. I did it yet again.

So here we were, it was that moment in which we took the ‘perspective’ challenge. There it was – the ‘classroom’ moment. That home schooling moment in which I could truly make it a teaching one.  It was that challenge for myself to exercise, with my daughter, the ability to not just see this spelling test as a dumb test or a needless “chore”  or even seeing through the hopeless, mundane perspective of “Eeyore”, instead this spelling test was going to be seen and recognized as an opportunity for excitement in learning what my daughter already knew and where improvement was needed.

Well that is when “drama mama” came forth – the “over acting”, “over emphasizing” and the “ever changing” characters came running to the service of my mind and out of my mouth with every spelling word given. Suddenly the voice inflections triggered the joy switch within me as I began to helplessly laugh – all the while my daughter, staring at me with great concern as though you could interpret her apprehensive look as saying, “Help! My mother has lost it!”  The look of concern changed to her laughing hysterically with that contagious giggle, tickling me beyond what I could handle as the levies of my bladder burst forth like a violent, rushing river and with great force the ‘waters’ raged through and over the cliffs into the gushing waterfall!

Silence fell as the atmosphere seemed to be blanketed with the reality of “Did I really pee?” The puddle of evidence was our giggling reminder of having a little too much fun at my own expense.

Indeed the sobering moment of needing to clean up and change did not wipe away the learning lesson.  Although it was necessary to clean up, shower and change – it was when the realization of changing perspective of how we looked at a test, cleaned up our fears of how we perceived them.

Needless to say, the great lesson learned in the classroom was being able to utilize the gift of laughter as a weapon to tear down the fears of shame in being fearful of “getting things wrong” and just allowing it to be a teaching opportunity of what we ‘get’ to improve with God’s great help! Having joy in the journey!


Lesson Plan???

kids raising hands

Jim dismayed, stood in the classroom asking himself how he got there. His wife, Jennifer sat on the ground as her eyes welled up with joyful tears. She was moved to tears by an eager little boy who wanted to share his favorite song. He extended his right arm so high as if he were to raise it any higher he may just have pulled a muscle. Wearing a white polo shirt, beige ‘docker like’ pants and light brown hair spiked handsomely high, Jennifer said, “Yes, share with us your favorite song.”

The little boy looked around to make sure his audience of 22 was ready to listen when suddenly with all his heart he belted out in his sweet, southern drawl, “TW’A’NKLE, TW’A’NKLE, LITTLE STAR, HOW I WONDER WHARE YOU ARE…” As he finished with a huge smile on his face, his audience of 22 clapped for him.

As most precious children, the others wanted to share their favorite songs too. Meanwhile, another little boy eagerly raised his hand. As he extended his arm upward, his little hand waving violently back and forth, Jennifer finally called on him saying, “What is your favorite song?” He proudly said, “Spiderman”. After he sang his song, another child, a little girl, or I should say a ‘princess’ accessorized in pink, with her ‘bling bling’ purse filled with little toy cosmetics, stood up knowing who she was…a princess. As she sang her favorite song she twirled up on her tip toes like a ballerina and her arms extended above her head.

As the little girl sat down, it suddenly sunk in as Jennifer and Jim realized with panic that they were the only adults in the classroom. There was no teacher, they had no lesson planned, and Jennifer asked herself, “What do we do now? We signed up to help, not to teach!!!” The ability to improvise took over as she said in her sweet, gentle voice, “Let’s sing a song about Jesus.” As she giggled and sang with the class she noticed in the corner of the room, her quiet husband who would never intentionally place himself in situations like this, was frantically looking for the lesson plan to teach the kids about Jesus.

Sweating profusely he was stunned as he thought with great irritability, “How did she talk me into helping out in the four year old classroom at church?” Suddenly his question was interrupted as he heard a sweet little girl’s voice. He looked down to see a precious little girl with flowing blonde naturally curly hair looking straight up at him. Clearing his throat as if to act he was never perplexed, said, “Yes?” The little girl with tear filled eyes, desperately said, “Teacher, I need help! I have a snake stuck in my hair.” Puzzled he said, “What? A snake?” He realized after quickly assessing the situation that the entanglement  was going to have to consist of scissors. He shook his head again saying to himself, “Never again.”

He carefully, seemingly piece by piece, pulled out each hair as he so glared at his beautiful wife from across the room. He finally got to the last few strands of hair, as he had to break the news to the little girl, with no emotion, just raw realness, he said, “You have a choice, I’m going to either have to cut your hair or cut the snake.” The expressions on the little girl’s face changed multiple times within a couple of seconds when suddenly she began to cry, just short of screaming, “No! Don’t cut my snake! No!!” His face bright red, sweating profusely he calmly, yet irritably said, “Hey, hey, it’s okay, we’ll just cut a little bit of your hair in this one place.”

The drama was interrupted by the excitement in his wife’s voice and she proclaimed across the room, “Who loves you all so much that He died on the cross and rose again?” They all shouted simultaneously and with great confidence, “JESUS”!

A few moments later, after the hair and snake episode, James finally found a book filled with Bible lessons for the children. He opened it up and realized all the helpful activities to coincide with the lesson. Of course in his mind he thought with great sarcasm, “Well I found this a little late.” A few more minutes passed by and it was finally time for the parents to pick up their children. Although it felt like chaos at this point, Jim and Jennifer just knew to hang on for they would for sure make it out alive!

To say the least, it was hilarious to hear their story, watching their facial expressions, I giggled so hard, but this time guys I actually made it to the restroom DRY!

As I journal someone else’s funny experience, I am reminded that many times we aren’t prepared to take the ‘curve balls’ of life. We see how life drives us to the knowing need, the wake up call of what the lesson plans are, yet just as Jim and Jennifer were desperately looking for a lesson plan to teach the children; we need to become desperate for God and His plan for each of us by going to the Instruction book – The Word of God.

Well with all that, along the way, as we laugh, let’s laugh with no fear of the future…because we know how our awesome our God is in the midst of the surprising twists and turns of this adventure called life!

Do you have a funny story in which you weren’t prepared?  If so, would love it if you shared!!!

(Story came from Teresa’s original blog, http://www.triumphantvictoriousreminders.com)