Help Me Jesus…

Tristin and Teresa

In the car, so close to home – yet so far away. It’s that moment that many I’ve talked to have experienced – that moment when your stomach, slightly upset, feeling the bowels working overtime…you know, that feeling that you never want?

Here I was nowhere close to a restroom. Experiencing that butt clenching, cold sweat, nausea induced moment in which control ceases to exist.

Groaning in great discomfort while fearfully driving, “Oh Jesus, help me Jesus…” all the while my daughter laughed hysterically; more so at the look on my face as I cried out to Jesus for help.  Begging her to stop laughing as she was making me laugh so hard while I painfully laughed while her giggle caused the muscles to give way…turning left into the neighborhood, my daughter’s laughter increased only causing what I feared the most to come to pass – what was about to happen if I didn’t jump out of my car when suddenly I lost all control, now drenched in one of my favorite pair of jeans – it was over!

I screamed, “Help! I pooped!” My daughter screamed, “No you didn’t! Mom! Noooooo!” When suddenly you could hear her slowly sniff as the scent seemingly tangibly hit her and that was when she suddenly screamed, “NOOOOOO! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Mom! Mom! Mom! You pooped…NOOOOOO!”

I’ll never forget that day.  However more than anything…I’m going to remember that this hilariously, unfortunate, true life scenario reminds me of the moments in life when we relinquish control of what is right and suddenly we find ourselves sitting in the middle of a bunch of “crap”!  In life, crap happens – but it doesn’t mean we have to allow our “happenings” to reflect the crap; instead we can allow the washing of God’s Word to clean us up!


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