Boost and Bust…LOL!

Tristin and Teresa

Why is it while I am laughing with everything in me that the “panic button” decides to be released within my bladder at the most inappropriate times? Ugh…LOL!  It’s that very moment when I least expect it…my daughter begins to giggle AT me and the tickling mechanism within both our bellies bubbles over with wreckless laughter…Oh goodness, just thinking about it causes the giggles to arise.

So here’s the scenario:

For a while I had been wanting a pair of those bouncy shoes – do you know what I’m talking about?  They’re called “Kangoo Jumps”…have you heard of them?  Well out of shopping impulse I went onto a popular online shopping site to see if I could order them with my gift card and ordered two pairs – ordering a pair for me and a pair for my daughter.  A few days later, upon receiving these fun exercise shoes – we opened the box and pulled out those brand new “Kangoo Jumps”, placed them on our feet, barely able to stand, we finally found our balance as we began jumping all around the house as laughter and giggles along with the squeaking sound of the “jumps” filled the air!  Suddenly as we carelessly approached the corner of the dining room running and jumping into the kitchen we saw that one of our cats was completely freaked out – his tail full, back curved, revealing sheer terror as we were helplessly giggling, falling over and holding ourselves as we were peeing ourselves with full on laughter!

As we attempted to regain our breath while soaked with the evidence of  laughter – we knew that as much as we loved those “jumps” we had to return them! For us, we knew that those fun “jumps” were just a “pee accident” waiting to happen every time we put them on our feet! Ha!

In all of this, I am reminded of those moments when we and even others need a joy boost…although my daughter and I didn’t end up keeping the “jumps”- what kept us was the freedom to laugh with no concerns of who was watching – even if it was a “scaredy- cat” who probably left a few dribbles of pee ha!  It was all a reminder to laugh like there’s no one looking – for remember – laughter is a weapon that changes the atmosphere in an instant and scares depression, anger and grudges away.

Have a laughter filled day as you become aware of the boosting effects of JOY!


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