Your Name Looks Familiar…

Tristin and Teresa

Bills to be paid, errands to run, “To Do” lists to be checked off; meanwhile I was beyond ready to get back home to unwind as I finally approached the last errand on my checklist.

With all the hustle and bustle that drizzly day, I entered the drive of my local electric company, intentionally thinking of the two options I had to pay my bill: I could either go inside or go through the drive thru.  The thought of convenience “won” and so as I turned to go through the drive thru, I miscalculated while turning into the port which was separated by a raised median as I unknowingly managed to drive up on when suddenly my truck bounced off the ground more than once to where both myself and my daughter were jolted up from our seats almost hitting our heads against the ceiling.  As I came back to reality, after almost peeing my pants, I noticed the lady in the car beside me who must have done the same as she had this incredibly concerned yet scared expression as she must have heard the bumping sound and perhaps thought I was going to crash.  From there it only got better…as I looked up, I saw a few ladies through the glass window watching from inside as they covered their mouths and seemingly gasped as it caused me to burst into nervous laughter as I waved at them. While rolling down the window I could hear the intercom switching on as the sweet lady who ended up helping me was giggling while saying something to the effect of,  “Did you think you were driving a monster truck?”  I was a bit embarrassed yet still laughing and said, “You know, I did that on purpose, right?” Ha!

As things settled down, still giggling from the little adventure, I sent in my payment through the tube and a few moments later the intercom came back on as I heard the lady’s voice saying, “Your name looks familiar…Teresa Criswell…hmmmmm…wait! Are you a writer?” Caught off guard even more, I sheepishly responded with a slow, “Yes”.  She continued, “You write for Triumphant Victorious Reminders, right?”  And I said, “Yes, how did you know?”  She said, “I just subscribed to it yesterday.”  We began laughing even harder as I thought, “Talk about meeting someone with a “BANG” – along with a little tinkle for this laughing mom…ha!

Since that moment, God has utilized it as a teaching one. You perhaps would ask,  “How so?”   Well, when I’m about to lose my cool or become impatient over something, I think of that moment…would I be recognized?  And if so, would I be recognized because of kindness and joy or impatience and complaining?

All in all, this laughing mom was reminded why I laugh…I laugh because of my God revealed by Jesus as the Holy Spirit unites us in Him.  I want people to be filled with joy when they know the Name of Whom I belong to and that is the name above all names – The Author of all authors – the Name that is Joyful, Victorious, Strength – I want to hear, “You remind me of Someone Who BANGS up shame, condemnation and sin – do you belong to Jesus?”


One thought on “Your Name Looks Familiar…

  1. I can almost hear your laughter…which is contagious, my friend! I’m so glad God chose you and gifted you to be an author because your joy overflows and reaches us through your words. You represent Him beautifully!

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