Fasting from laughter? LOL!

Tristin and Teresa

“A merry [cheerful, joyful]  heart is good medicine; but a broken [crushed, depressed] spirit saps a person’s strength.” – Proverbs 17:22

There we were in the lobby as we were talking about how many times I’ve peed my pants while laughing. That’s when one of my hilarious friends giggled hysterically, challenging me to “fast” [abstain] from laughing for twenty one days. My daughter and I looked at each other with that ‘panicky’ look for a moment as my sweet girl interrupted the horrifying thought of “no laughter?” when she said, “My mom stop laughing?!?!  O no! She would die!” 

We giggled as I realized it was an unfathomable thought not to laugh.  That moment made me aware of the joy that is readily available at every waking moment even in the midst of stress, sadness, sickness and disappointments..

Hilariously enough, the laughter stirred up within the atmosphere of our home and many places we go; most would perhaps find the ‘clamor’ of our giggles as awkward and most likely not funny at all – but that’s what makes it funny – it’s just funny  – I’m laughing just thinking about how hilarious that is (Heeheehee – I’m chuckling like a man). 

With all that, do you get to experience that head tossing laughter on a consistent basis? 

Do you long for more joy in your life? 

Are the worries of this life forcing you to “abstain” or “fast” from a life of laughter?

There’s always room for more giggles – I’m not talking about laughing at someone elses expense – I’m talking about pure laughter – laughing on purpose – laughing so hard you can’t breathe.  It’s this kind of laughter that can be the activation to what faith looks like as we trust in God in the midst of terrifying trials.

Our family has come to find that laughter is likened to both a medicine and a weapon.  Yes! Laughter has multiple purposes – it can be utilized as a medicine to heal our broken hearts and it can also be utilized as a weapon to change the atmosphere of frustration and even fear revealing strength under pressure!

So here’s the moral…laugh so hard you pee your pants!


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