Lose Yourself…

Have you experienced those moments when you’re willing to lose yourself because of something you are incredibly passionate about?  Whether you have the resources or not, you just want to get the message out?

So let me start by sharing Innocence Thriving, it is an awareness group that my daughter started a couple years ago to help with the fight against human trafficking; giving tips to kids and adults on simple ways to be safe online, when you’re out and about and remembering to pay attention to your surroundings.

Anyways, with that, let me take you to the scene.  There we were in our kitchen.  We put up the amateur backdrop made of gift wrap paper and moved the kitchen stool so I could sit there to film my daughter’s awareness video for @parisittv Youtube channel.  Holding on to my daughter’s iPad as a video camera, we were getting ready to film a quick video to update her followers.  With our creative, yet low budget ways, due to not having a teleprompter to read her script, we came up with an alternative.  Are you ready?  It was none other than, “Let’s use my forehead!”  Yep!  There it was, mom’s novel idea – so I went to my computer, typed out what Paris would say, printed the script out in large font and then strategically taped it to my forehead.

Yes! That’s what we did!

So again, there we were, I had the iPad in hand, paper on my forehead and nodding to signal, “Action!”  Paris was was doing a fantastic job when suddenly the paper on my forehead was creeping slowly down my face as the tape was definitely losing it’s adhesive stick.  In that moment, as she was almost finished, this random thought entered my head of what I may have looked like – as the paper was now in my eyes and suddenly my imagination got the best of me – I snorted in laughter as she was almost finished, so close to her wrapping up, and that was when her mom, yes me, with little dignity, burst out into raging laughter from the depths of my belly and you got it – right there as the video was still going, camera shaking violently coupled with that hysterical silent yet violent laughter I lost it – every drop of pee that is.

(There’s the evidence below…we took a still photo from the video so you could see that was for real)


O goodness…just thinking of that moment, trying my best to hold it in only made it worse. Of course we eventually finished the two and half minute video after I cleaned myself up and uploaded the video as though nothing ever happened.

Sighing and shaking my head with a little giggle – as I shared my transparent ‘pee’ entry into my diary – have you done something like this?  If so, please share away so we can laugh even more!  Would love to hear your story…


2 thoughts on “Lose Yourself…

  1. Bummer, I couldn’t get the video ot play! I’m cracking up at the photo. You are too cute!
    Glad you were able to get the video finished. Innocence Thriving is wonderful!

    • Lorraine! Thank you – by the way that photo is just a ‘teaser’ I took a photo of it while it was on pause – it’s just a photo…that pic was taken almost two years ago,,,thank you for your amazing ability to encourage me as you laugh…love it and i love you!!!

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